Please Read Before Posting.

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Please Read Before Posting.

Post  Lilac Woods on Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:54 pm

Dear parent's of, your child's name here

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Phentome Academy. There is no age limit to join so we have many different students and teachers from many different backgrounds, and many different ages.
Everyone here at Phentome are very friendly and nice, your child is in safe hands.
We have fun activities and classes, and friendly competition with rival schools too!

Our school will knock them dead as they say.
-Lilac Woods, Principal of Phentome Academy.

This is the letter your parents receive. Now if your character has no parents or is a hybrid, don't worry. Finish reading this post and you'll know what to do.

Upon further inspection of the envelope, your parents discover a slip of paper for student eyes only. They give it to you and it reads:

Dear your name here,

Make sure you read this alone. Anyone might be watching.
Make sure you can't see, hear or feel a thing that might be extraordinary or unnatural.

The truth is, you have not been accepted at Phentome Academy. You have been accepted at Phantom Academy.

Though we weren't lying about the age and backgrounds of students here. We have people centuries old, some humans, phoenix-people and many other hybrids.
Not everyone here at Phantom Academy are friendly and nice. Some are bullies, others are possibly spies for a secret ghost organization that we are yet to receive more intelligence of.
We go on many outings hunting for stray ghosts and phantoms, searching for the evil organization, or even just training. The classes are tough and grueling, yet rewarding and fun.
We have many rival schools and often fight and argue with them. We don't believe in their ways.

Don't think if your dead or died before school or during school you can shirk work! You are still required to come to school!
-Lilac Woods, thirteen year old dead Principal of Phantom Academy.

This forum is where you can RP your reaction to the letter your parents received and the letter you received.
Have fun!
Lilac Woods

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