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Phantom Academy Rules

Post  Lilac Woods on Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:32 pm

These are the rules of the site in general. Please keep them in mind!

1) This site is PG-13! That means mild cursing, MINOR sexual references, and some drug/alcohol use is allowed. Use your judgement. If you think it's a little more than PG-13, then it probably is.

2) Think it just might be rated R, but you can get away with it anyway? No, you can't. I trust you to use good judgement, but I will be keeping an eye on threads and posts. If you've overstepped your bounds, I will know, and believe me, so will you.

3) No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus please! Your character does have flaws! Everybody does. It is impossible for your character to be perfect at everything, so make sure he or she isn't.

4) No god-moding, either. Not only is it unfair to the people you are role-playing with, it is also incredibly annoying to have your character controlled. Please control your character's actions only, and nobody else's.

5) Each user is allowed as many as four whole characters to themselves. Any more then that is ridiculous. We would prefer for you not to RP with yourself though.

8 ) No fighting in the OOC forums. I would especially like to request that you keep RP disagreements out of OOC. It's stupid when your character does something horrible in an RP, and suddenly everybody hates you in OOC because of that. So please keep IC issues in the RPs.

9) If you have issues with anything the staff says, please PM the staff to try to work out your issue. It is slightly rude and it greatly insults the staff if the first thing you do is post a thread to complain about it. If you want to complain about something, fine, but complain to the staff member that posted it so you can try to work out a compromise.

10) Please post a minimum of three words in OOC posts, unless it's a game. In RP's I would like you to post at least ten sentences.

11) In the character sheet it'll ask if you want to say anything else. You must say, "Car crash". Otherwise your character will not be accepted.

12) No text speak at all! This really bugs me, and I'm sure it will bug other users as well. It is not difficult at all to type the extra two letters for "you". Please, please, please use decent spelling and grammer in both OOC and RP posts. It makes it so much easier for other members to read, and it keeps you from looking stoopid.

13) With all that in mind, I will be employing the three strike system. You get three warnings. After that, you're off my site. This doesn't apply to reminders about the OOC word requirements and such; however, it does apply to overboard cursing, god-moding, and the likes.
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