Lilac Woods's Character Sheet

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Lilac Woods's Character Sheet

Post  Lilac Woods on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:21 pm

First Name: Lilac
Last Name: Woods
Heritage: Human
Place of Birth: Wales
Year: N/A She’s the Headmistress.
Age: Unknown.


Eyes: She prefers an intelligent green. Her eyes are very scary as they are the only coloured thing in her whole body. The rest of her body is transparent. Though it’s not like her eyes are actual eyeballs hanging in thin air, they’re transparent. . . though green too. Put it this way, if you tried to touch them; your hand would go right through.
Hair: Most the time, Lilac’s hair is a stark white, but it can be jet black when she wants it too. Normally worn in a ponytail.
General Apperance: Lilac can change her appearance to anything she wants, but her preferred appearances are as listed in this section. Lilac is tall and thin, though that comes from being dead. It’s a little impossible to be fat. But Lilac was naturally tall and thin when she was alive too. Lilac is pretty-ish but she just looks like a normal thirteen year old child, and no one ever thinks of children as pretty. Though after years of being a teacher and a dead one at that, when people look into her ghostly eyes, they see a wisdom beyond her years and a determination that can be intimidating at times.
Dressing Style: Lilac normally wears a jumpsuit (though it’s transparent like her body so it doesn’t have a colour.) with a little stripe across which was supposed to separate colours. Or she wears clothes that normal teenagers would wear. She doesn’t have legs, rather a wispy tail that genies were supposed to have, but when Lilac goes undercover, she has legs.

General Character Traits:

Strengths: Being a ghost herself, she is a fantastic ghost hunter. She knows exactly where the scoundrels hide and can track them down almost instantly. She is also good at magic, she can summon purple flames in her hands and throw them. Sometimes she shapes them so they look and feel like a knife, or a bomb. Lilac is the only one of her kind who can do this. She makes no sound unless she talks, having no need to breath or walk. So it’s hard for others to detect her. She can also possess people’s bodies and has all the strengths that normal ghosts have. Though unfortunately she has most the weaknesses too.
Weaknesses: Being dead, she can’t hold anything. Her hand goes right through whatever she touches unless they are tailor made for ghosts. She’s also a little of a control freak and hates it when she’s not in charge, she’s a team player sure. So long as she’s the leader of said team. Also, to no fault of her own, many people cannot trust her. Being the natural enemy, people find it hard to cooperate with a ghost while they’re ghost-hunting. Though she has gained a little more respect since opening Phantom Academy.
Personality: Lilac is a fun-loving and open person. However being a teacher, she can be very strict and extremely intimidating too, but that doesn’t mean the students come from her office or class feeling scared or bored. They always come out with an optimistic smile, Lilac being very optimistic and helpful herself. She feels that she is the school counseller, as well as mentor, principal and teacher. She doesn’t like to talk about her death or her life before she died. Partially because she doesn’t remember it clearly, and partially because what she does remember brings bad memories. In fact, the only people who know her past and death, are her work colleagues.

Family Details

Personal History: Lilac doesn’t remember much of her past, the only thing she does remember are her family, her murderer and her death. She died in a horrible arranged car crash, as pay-back for her parents and the rest of the family who were ghost-hunters. Lilac came back to haunt who arranged and who murdered her and after they had killed themselves she vowed she would only hunt ghosts and other spirits, not humans or any of the good side.

Parents: Vincent Woods, deceased. And the late Emily Woods.
Siblings: Millie Woods, deceased. John Woods, deceased.

Minor Details:
Pets: N/A at the moment.

RP sample: Lilac Woods bit her fingernails nervously. . . not that she actually successfully managed to chew them. It just looked like it. She had no real fingernails to chew.
“I hope to the Gods someone will turn up. . .” she said to herself, turning nervously towards her deputy, Tien for reassurance. Though her head was slumped on a desk, as though she couldn’t wait for it to be over.
“You think they got the letters?” she asked worriedly, not caring if Tien didn’t answer.
Then the giant oak doors swung open as half a dozen new pupils strutted in, eagerly awaiting the lessons they were going to have.
Lilac Woods

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