Tien Spyridon's Character Sheet

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Tien Spyridon's Character Sheet

Post  Lilac Woods on Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:38 pm

First Name: Tien
Last Name: Spyridon
Nickname: N/A
Heritage: Her mother was a human ghosthunter, but her father was a member of the Seelie Court...i.e. he was magical.
Place of Birth: Faerie Court
Year: N/A. She's the Deputy Head.
Age: When she was sixteen, her father let her eat some of the food at a Seelie Court ball -- it stopped her from ever aging. She's much older now, but her body will always be sixteen.


Eyes: She has very bright blue eyes which look a bit scary. She also can do the best dead fish eye short of Vidanric Renselaeus.
Hair: Black, very long, usually worn in a braid wrapped twice around her head.
General Appearance:Tien is tall, thin, and pale, with pointed ears. She's pretty, but in a sort of creepy, otherworldly way. People look at her and feel like she's reading their mind. She always carries a fan and uses it to make various gestures-- fan language is all the rage in the Faerie Court.
Dressing Style:She generally wears skirts and blouses (sort of Renaissance-ish) for when she's not going to be doing anything active, and a black poet's shirt, black trousers and black boots when she's hunting. Also, she always wears gloves...more on that in a bit.

General Character Traits:

Strengths: She has been ghosthunting for most of her life, so she's really good at it. She is a brilliant swordfighter, with either a broadsword or a rapier, and also pretty good at just about every kind of fighting (hand-to-hand, knife, archery). Also, she loves pyrotechnics.
Weaknesses: Err, well, she's a bit of a pyromaniac. And also, she hates guns. No Fae ever uses guns and she's been raised to distrust them. She prefers to work alone and isn't really a good team player...she's not patient enough. Because she's half Fae, she has a lot of the same restrictions as most faeries from legend, if slightly reduced. Too much iron around her makes her sick, and she can't eat food with too much salt in it. All of her swords and knives are made of silver, partially because that's more inimical to ghosts, partially because if she touches iron or steel with her bare hands, it'll give her severe burns. She can touch iron for a short time with gloves on, but she couldn't hold an iron sword for long enough to complete a sword fight. Whenever she goes to a building or room that is not her home, she has to ask for and obtain permission before coming in. For instance, she can cross the threshold of most of the rooms in Phantom Academy, but not anyone's office or dorm room.
Personality: Tien is....mysterious. She prefers not to talk about her heritage, because people always say things like, "You're a Faerie? Where are your wings?" She has no patience for people who don't believe in ghosts and has been known to actually shake students and yell, "You idiot! Ghosts don't care if you believe in them! They'll kill you anyway!" She also has a tendency to be sarcastic...

Family Details:

Personal History: Faeries don't have last names, usually. Because Tien lives in our world, she has a human (sort of) name. Tien is Vietnamese for fairy or spirit, and Spyridon is a derivative of the Latin word for spirit. Her mother and father named her Tien, but she added the Spyridon part herself. As I said, she was sixteen when her (immortal) father allowed her to become one of the Fae. After that, she decided to make all-out war on ghosts, due to the fact that one killed her mom. She came to the Academy as a personal favor to Lilac, because she considers Lilac the only ghost who should be alive.
She sometimes teaches students, but not often. Her classes generally involve her teaching them more in three minutes then they've learned in the last three days, and traumatizing them a bit in the process.

Parents: Her mother was Kim Nhung, a Vietnamese-American ghosthunter. Tien looks nothing like her. Instead, she looks like her father, Dailaur, a higher-up in the Fae Queen's Court. Her parents met while hunting the same thing: Kim thought it was a ghost and Dailaur thought it was an Unseelie creature. They were both partially right; it was an Unseelie creature possessing a dead body. They killed it and went for coffee...It was pretty much love at first sight. Kim moved to the Seelie Court to marry Dailaur and continue hunting ghosts. Originally, they were going to make Tien a full-blooded Fae when she turned twenty-one, but after a really nasty spirit killed Kim, Dailaur didn't want to lose his daughter as well. He still lives in the other world, and Tien visits him at the solstices. Kim was buried in Vietnam.
Siblings: No siblings.

Minor Details:

Pets: She has a gyrfalcon, which she flies sometimes...gyrfalcons can sense spirits. Not really a pet, but, yeah.
Anything else: If you ever actually see her hands, you'll notice that she has a silver tattoo of a waxing crescent moon on the back of her right hand. It's the mark of the Seelie Court...if she hadn't taken the oaths that all Seelie Fae have to take (don't kill humans without good reason, stay out of human business if at all possible), it would turn black and corrode her skin, before flipping around to be a waning crescent.

RP sample: Tien slumped forward over her desk. The new students would be arriving for orientation soon. Joy, thought Tien. It was inevitable: the parents would peer at her oddly and ask how she could possibly be a teacher if she were that young, and she would have to smile sweetly and say she was a teacher's assistant and then get the parents out of the way and explain to the students that they were now going to learn about killing ghosts and things like that. Orientation was her least favorite time of year. But it was worth it because, little as she wanted to admit it, they badly needed more hunters.
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